Paul di Sant’Agnese Society

Legacy Society

Allowing us to recognize you can inspire others.

The Paul di Sant’Agnese Legacy Society is a group of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation supporters who have made a lasting commitment by making a legacy gift. It is a special way for us to honor your gift, while encouraging others to follow your example.

Dr. Paul di Sant’Agnese was a physician and researcher, and one of the first clinicians to devote his life to understanding and conquering cystic fibrosis. His pioneering studies led to the development of the sweat test, which is still regarded as the gold standard in CF diagnosis. This simple test opened up research that ultimately helped identify the underlying cause of CF.

Paul di Sant’Agnese Legacy Society Members receive:

  • Up-to-date information on our progress toward a cure
  • Invitations to special events and seminars
  • Recognition in select Cystic Fibrosis Foundation newsletters, reports and our Legacy Society webpage

Our Legacy Society members:

Jeffrey Abrams
Lisa J. Adams
Tom and Caryn Adams
Marlene Adelmeyer
Meme Aguila
Delina Aker
Stacy and McKay Allen
Julie Allen
Lee and Penny Amsler
Matthew Hesse and Marla Moskowitz-Hess
Andrea Gould and Michael Marks
Gertrude E Anderson
Shelly Anderson
Owen and Melissa Anderson 
Robert Anderson
Greg Anderson
Mark and Jennifer Angelino
Helen Angell
Monica Angelovich
Dawayne Armbruster
Janice Armstrong
Martha Atherton
Dianna Attaway
Walter Baepler
Jenna and Jeremy Baier
Rebecca Bailey
Jim Barach
Joan Barnum
Jessica  Barry
Amy and Peter Barry 
Lori Bort
Bart Barthelemy
Charles Bartnik
William Beck
Stephen Becker
Kay Bedwell
Melissa Begin
Mike and Deb Bennett
James and Jessica Bercen
Dianne Berger
Ali Bethel
Abraham and Bonnee Binker
Huberta and Scott Bishop
Michael Bishop
Kisha Blair
Michelle M. Bloomingburg
Peter Boonstra
Jon Bottorff
Richard and Jacqueline Bowman
Rick and Judith Bowman
Sissy Boyd
Bonnie Boyer
Marilyn Brandon
William Branigan
Rita A Brazell
Chris and Liz Brennan
Marilyn Bresnahan
Sara Breyman
Elaine Brimer
Ronald and Marcia Brink
Virginia M. Kyndberg
Gudrun Brown
Clinton and Dorothy Brown
Dixie Brubaker
Richard C. Bryan
Mark Buccolo
Kelly Bullington
Bob Burasco
Sharon Burke
Scott and Deidre Burke
Patty Burks
Glenna Bush
Debra Bust
David Calvert
Bruce and Patty Cameron
Mary Cameron
John Camire
Richard Campbell
Steve Cance
Lauri Capano and David Greenberg
Nancy Carlson
Fred Carlson
Christopher and Patricia Casa Santa
Marc and Margarete Cassalina
Sharon Castillo
Tom and Julie Caturia
Libby Caudill
Victor and Linda Cenci
Joy Charney
David and Lori Chaumont
Daryl Chesney
Emily Choate
James Christen
Gail Chrzan
Rick and Vicki Cissell
Ronald and Sherry Clardy
Janet and Roger Clark
Dana Clarke
Dr. Scott and Karen Cobel
Bonnie Cohen 
Vicki Colbert
Buck Cole
Credell L. Coleman
Bernice Coleman
Michael Colgate
Nina and David Collins
Charles Colmark
Toby Colo
Donald Condon
Donald Condron
Jessica Coniglio
Joseph and Catherine Conti
Ronald Cook, II
Judith and Keith Cook
Joseph and Maureen Corcoran
Kathy Cornelius
Josh and Becky Corringham
Dean Covert
Nolan Cox
Jessica  McGondel
Edward Coyle
Anna Marie Criss
Thomas Cromeans
Bobby and Elke Crow
David Crowell
Diane Cushman Neal
Ashleigh Cybak
Travis J Dailey
Diane Dalrymple
Sheryle Daly
Mike and Tammy Daly
Gregory D’Angelo
Kathryn Danskin
Jim and Kathy Darling
Thomas and Frances Davenport
Roseanne Davis
Glenn and Janet Davis
T. Richard and Alta Davis
Rick De Camp
Johanna DeAngelo
Doug DeCinces
Michael and Allison Dekoning
Ronda Dell’Ario
Carole Dempsey
Stephen and Barbara Denahan
Michael Denham
Tim and Beth Denham
Richard Dennert
Christie Derbin
Cathy Dernorsek
Christi Derreberry
Louise and Warner Detrick
Sharon Dezutti
Alice Dibble
Nancy and John Diedrich
Diane DiGuiseppe
Fred Dittrich
Omega Dobard
Stacy and Jerry Dollar
Cel Donaghy
Brenda Dorenfeld
Susan Drury
Satish C. Duggal
Scott Duncan
Kent and Kathy Duncan
Barbara Dunham
Colleen Dunn
Dixie Lea Durham
Susan Eagan
Ryan Efros
Kenneth Elconin
Jim and Sharon Ellen
Eric and Rebecca Eller
Jack Elliott
Gini Ellis
Lenai Engler
Mary Erickson
Matthew Eurton
Gayla Evans
Dick and Sue Fader
Mitchel and Catherine Fain
Reid D. Farrell and Dale L. Willard
Wayne and Trish Farrell
Reid Farrell, Jr. 
Linda Farrington and Donald Gouchie
Giuseppina Fazzone
Patrick J. Feeley
Michael and Maureen Feely
Morgan Ferguson
Anthony Ferguson and Michelle Andrew
Marco Ferri
Donna Finchum
Barbara Fischbein
Margie Fisher
Harold and Eileen Fisher
Nona and Giles Florence
Nicole Flores and Dan Aja
Beverlie Floyd
Sandy Foland
Garrett and Judy Fonda
Jane Ford 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Foster
Deborah Foster
Shelly Francis
Maureen Fraser
Roxanne Freberg
Bob and Yvonne Frengel
James Frenzel
James Frondorf
Randall Fuller
Teri Fuller Bush
Danielle and Jim Gallagher
Herman Gans
Paulino Garia
Paula and Richard Garvey
Debbie Gaul
Ellen L. Gaynor
Donna George and Robert Matthews
Rita Gershon
John and Lynn Getz
Jamie Gibson
Amber Gifford
Mary Gillaspey
Norman and Lynn Ginsburg
Margaret Gisch
Elizabeth Gisch
Cecilia Glaser
Timothy T. Goetz
Kathryn Goff
Marjorie Goforth
Larry and Maggie Goodson
Donna Goodwin
Susan K. Goodwin
Donna Gorman
Larry S. Gorman
Marsha Gottwalles
Michael and Jacki Grady
Audrey Gray
Anthony Greco
Gayle and Billy Greenberg
Shelly and Michael Greene
Jean Gregory
Bob and Carole Griego
Grant Griffith
April and Steven Gross
Paul and Bonnie Grossman
Tim and Dana Guidish
Laura Hadley
Martin Leo Hager
Beverly Hahn
Calvin Hamburger
Allan Hamilton 
Robert and Pamela Haned
Catherine Hannahan
Richard Hardin
Dawn Harris
Charles Harrison
Marilyn Hartzell and Kerrie Stanlee
Mark and Diane Harvey
Beverly Haslauer
Lora Hazelwood
Donald Headley
May Healtherly
Nancy Heberlein
Barbara A. Heffron
Ed Heiman
Cynthia Heinrich and Nicholas Payne
Sue Henderson
Phyllis Henson
Paula Herbert
Rick Herbert
Alan and Kerry Herrick
Pamela Hester
Lisa Hettinger
Jim Heyser
Pam and Lee Hibler
James Higgins
Robert and Sharon Hines
Jackie Hodge
Lee Hoilman
Dorcas Hollenweger
Lisa Holzum
Joan and David Hoopengardner
Kathy Hoover
Mark Horak
Richard Horton
Brittney Householder
Mark Housman
Deborah Howell
Carol Ann Howitz
James Hoyer
John F. Hubbard
Donald and Ranie Hunter
Rex and Marilyn Huston
Kathy Hutchinson
Lyndon Ibele
Janet Iles
Beverly Infantino
Carol Terrick Israel
Virginia Ivancich
Robert P. Ives
Russ Jackson
Patricia Jackson
Kurt Jaeger
Sandra Kay James
Beverly James
Jim Jay
Brenda Jay
Faye Jeffcoat
Anna Jenkin
Heather Jenkins-Knight
Ann Marie Jewell
Ken Johnson
Pat Johnson
Julie Johnson
David and Michele Johnson
Bryan and Anna Johnson
James Johnson and Laurie Dewispelaere
John Judge
Karen Kaiser
Paul and Nancy Kankula
Galin Karpisek and Joyce Fledderman
Sherry Kast
Curtis and Sara Kasten
Fran Kaya
Patricia Keady
Patricia Kean
Evette Keers
Mary Keese
Beverly Kelly
Keith Kelly
Steve Kelly
Anne Kenny
Kimberly Kirkland 
Cheri Klausing
Bill Kleman
Dinah Kline
R.H. & Colleen Klug
Elizabeth A. Knawa
June Knox
Bruce Knutson
Milton and Susan Koch
Biju Kochukutty
Jen Koke
David Kopp
Sheri Kosmos
Marcia Kraut
Barbara L Kreager
Donald  Kreis
Gary M. Krumm
Patricia Kyndberg
David Lacanne
Jo Anne Lane
Bill and Cindy Lapworth
Frank LaRosa
Derek and Rachel League
Janet Leahy
Tim and Deb Lenihan
Jane & Len Levine
Mark and Dolores Levine
Linda Lewis
Dorothy Lifka
Cass Lindenberger
Brian A. Lindmeier
Melissa Lingafelter
Nancy Link
Charles Lipman
Robert and Margaret Litan
Lizotte Family 
Frank London
Grant Lovelle
Virginia Lowery
Nicci Lowrey
Suzanne Ludlam
Susan and Lupini
Angela Lynn
Marilu MacCarthy
Carey Mackesey
Gary and Denise MacLean
Shayne Magdoff
Mary Jo and Michael Magee
Willie Mallett
Roberta Manser
Joseph Manzi
David Marion
Jane Markell
Barbara Markoff and River Kaster
Theresa Marron
Carole Marshall
Janice Martins
Robert Matlock
Donna George and Robert Matthews
Thomas and Jeannine Matuszak
Mary McAlpine
Chris and K. Elizabeth McCain
Mary E. McCarthy
John and Debbie McConnell
Eileen and Michael McConville
Kimberley McCoy
Patricia McDonald
Denise McDonald
Harold McElwain
Mike and Mary Jayne McGinnis
Marilyn McGinty
Kelly McHale
Carol McKeever
Donna McKinney
Kerry McLaughlin
Gary Mclhinney
Diane McMahon
Connie McManus
Sherry and John McMillan
Rhonda McNamara
Jonathan McTague
Molly and Ed Meisenheimer 
Catherine Meixner
Keri Menage
Jane Merrill
Pam and Lou Mertz
Mark Messenger
Larry Meyer
Jane and James Mignone
Neil and Debby Willard
Jim and Barbara Miller
Lois Miller
Stephen C. Miner
Andrew Mirabole
Carol Mitchell
Nona Mobley
Brad Mohn
Scott Monroe
Janie Montang
Kaylene Moon
George Moore
Antonio and Herminia Morales
Bonnie Morinville
Willard Morris
Kyle and Sandra Morse
Denise Morton
Gene and Diana Moses
Paul and Debbie Motenko
Nancy Mucciaccio
Anton Mukans
Tony and Mary Mukans
Patricia Mullins
Adair Murdoch
Chris and Linda Murphy
Greg and Beth Myers
Loretta Myers-Roberts
Cindy Nappa
Robert Nardella
Irv and Elaine Nathanson
Christopher Natzel
Joan Nelson
Danielle Nelson
Mary Elizabeth Nelson
Rhea Nicotra 
Sam Nicotra
Lucy Nizinski
Brian Nock
Carlos Normandia
Robert and Mary Novak
Barbara A O’Connell
Matt and Kellene O’Connell
Michael and Suzanna O’Donnell
Emile Oestriecher
Anne Oestricher
George Onda
Michael and Theresa Ornoff
Bill and Susan Orr
Larry and Gail Ortegren
Louie and Joan Ostrom
Virginia Pallotta
Valfrid E. and Evelyn E. Palmer
Robert and Lana Pancoast
Lynn and Denis Pancoast
John Parente
Russell and Eleanor Parker
Jeff Parsons
Ronald H Patron
Carol Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Pawlowicz
John and Nancy Peattie
Dennis Pederson
Judy Pekich
Debi and Steve Pelican
Robert Pennington
Roxanne Perkins
Arlene and Richard Perna-Rudmann
Noreen Peters
Robert Pettit
Michael Piccinini
Sally Plumley
Melodee Pomerantz
Dottie Priddy
James D. Proud
Danny Proulx
Janice Koshman Quast
Laurent Quenaud
Miriam Raber
Debra Rao
Betsy Rapp
Erma and William Rau
Virginia Raybould
Lou Raymond
Chris Reed
Jan Reichert
Gary and Regina Reid
Barbara Reither
Kathy Remerscheid
Anneliese Renaud
Kristina Renshaw and Michael Yarnell
Joan Roettaliata
Elizabeth Rials
Robert Riccio
Julie Rice
Donna and Jim Riesberg
Molly Riley
Carlton Rilling
Thomas Rinehart
Steve and Cindi Ripple
Scot Rittenbaum
Marie Ritter
Sarah Robinson
Jennifer and Dayton Roller
Robert Rosan
Bonnie Rose
Bruce D. Rosenberg
Linda Rosenthal
Bob and Patricia Roser
Sitara Ross
Michael Roy
Bob and Jeanne Rustic
Luis and Linda Sagastume
Reanna Saling
Christine Salmas
Mary Sand
Tom Sanford
Lori Santangelo
Alicia Santiago-Haslag
Pauline Sapountzaki
Jeanne Sarbocca
Casey Saunders
Regina Schewe
Sandra Schmitt
Viola Schnedier
Janis Schoomaker
Lynn Schreder
Helen Schultz
Ellen and Todd Schwanke
Barbara Schwartz
Sherrie Scott
Donald and Elaina Scruggs
Cherry Sears
LaRoy E. and Mary F. Seaver
Alice Seelinger
Robbin Seipold
Nelson Selby
Shelby Sellers
Wilbur and Lucy Sensing
Jeff and Solange Serocke
Thomas Serwatka
Sue Shaw
Esther “Starr” Shea
Cynthia Sheaffer
Bill and Lynn Shearer 
John Shelly and Kerry Dunn
John L. Shields
Bill Shore
Joseph M. Silverman
Ronald and Paula Silverman
Ashvani Singh
Ron Sirpless
Virginia Sittler
Babs and Shaw Skillings
Helen and Ev Slechta
Jack J. Slosky, Ph.D
Kim Slowinski
Jerry Slowinski
Robert E. Smith
Hugh and Jerry Smith
Gary Smith
Carmen Smith
Margaret Smith
Clay and Lori Snellings
Sandra Snodgrass
Doris and Frank Snyder
Jerry and Sharon Socherman
Steve Soteres
Helen Spangler
Angela Spera
Christine Spokes
Karl Springob
William Squires
Betty Stage
Joe Stankewich
Ken Stannard
Mike Stansbury
Suzanne Stasiak
Kelsey Steiner
Sandy Stockwell
Abbie Stoppa
Sharon Storm
Jaclyn and Drew Strube
Wendy Stump
David K. Subin, M.D.
Melody Sugg
Glen Sullivan
William Sullivan
Susan Sullivan
Cheryl and Mike Sullivan
Wallace and JoAnn Sweeney
Harriet Swider
John L. Szabo
Ronald and Sandra Szejner
Annelle and Martin Tanner
Richard Tarnow
John Taylor
Gwyn and Billy Taylor
Robert L. Teweles
Alexandra Thibodeau
Toby and Sheri Thomas
Philip Thomas
Gary and Dottie Thomas
Joanne Thompson
Ted and Joyce Toal
Kathy Tomasheski
Pansy R. Tomlinson
Angela Tortu
Jill Trimmer
Kasey Troutman
Lillie Tuefel
Michael and Jaclyn Tully
Michael Turner and Claire Brownlee
Rudolph Urbano
Briana Urquijo
Wanda Usner
Amy Van Vranken
Nancy Vecchia
Carol Ventour
Michelle and Mike Vermeland
Loren and Carolyn Vian
Glenn Viemeister
James Vilas
Stephanie Von Isenburg
Tim Waire
Terry and Steve Waite
Cathy Walchak
Randy Waldman
Joanne Walker
Margaret Walker
Jill Walker
Gerry Walsh
Karen Walsh
Dennis and Julie Walsh
Steven Walvisch
David Warren
Dianne Waterloo
Jennifer Weber
Dean Weber
Larry Weinstein
Colleen Weis
Jamie Weissburg
David Wendling
Sherine West
Janet Weyer
Robert and Charlotte Wheeler
Paul W. Whetsell
Kelsey and Nick White
Leila White
Harris S. Whitt
Louise Wilkie
Larry Willey
Margit Bessenyey Williams
Jerry and Jane Williams
Harriette Williams
Janet Williams
Jillain Williams
Janice Wilson
Barbara Wilson
Dana Wilson
John D. Wilson
Jo Ann Winn
Sue Wirth
Laura and Cory Wise
Matthew Witten and Nancy Seid
Ruth Wolff
Carolyn Woods
Jeremy Jacob Woolridge
Tina and Joe Woosley
Vanetta Wright
Suzanne Xiros
Linda Yaple
Barbara Yeager
Christopher Yenchek
Matthew and Julie Yeo
Amanda Zar
Robert Zentmeyer

Share Your Legacy

Please let us know if you've already included a gift for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in your will, trust or as a beneficiary. Providing us with documentation is the best way to ensure that your gift is used in the way you intend. Of course, some of our donors prefer to remain anonymous. Therefore, any inquiries made to the CF Foundation will be kept confidential.

The Impact of Your Giving

The CF Foundation supports a broad range of research initiatives to tackle the disease from all angles.

A gift in your will or trust, or by beneficiary designation could turn into a cure for cystic fibrosis.

Compass is a personalized, one-on-one service that provides those affected by cystic fibrosis, a partner in dealing with challenges related to life with CF.

Get Involved


There are many ways to support and connect with people with CF and their families. You can advocate, connect, fundraise, volunteer, attend an event and give to the cause!